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  • Jun 20, 2011 · Here's the symptoms in a list that I'm having: 1) truck running very slow. 2) lots of black smoke to begin with, then thins out as the gears wind out. 3) intercooler hose keeps blowing out. 4) "turbo fart" at the least bit of throttle and let off. If I think of anything else i'll post it.. Failure Date: 02/02/2012. The vehicle loses 1-2 quarts of oil over 30-60 day period or 1500-2000 miles. No signs of leaks, dripping or other sources of loss are visible. In checking Toyota Rav4 owner forums, it seems this condition is prevalent among many and spans several model years. Intercooler Leak Fix I really wanted to like the Alltrack and enjoy it for a long time;however, having the car in the shop for almost 50 days before the 15K mark / first year of ownership was a real drag. ... Maryland Diesel Intercooler Cold Pipe Fix (w/Throttle Replacement) 6. ... Symptoms of a Damaged Intercooler. Maybe one of the clamps is broken, or a coupling hose is split, or the plastic housing on the intercooler is cracked, or there's a hole in the aluminum core, etc. You'll just have to clean it and see where the leak is. Used intercooler is $50-ish, or they're $150-ish new including a new MAP sensor (I think). An aftercooler is a device positioned on a marine engine that controls the temperature of the air after it has traveled through the engine's turbocharger. The turbocharger increases a boat's power and energy efficiency by pushing pressurized air into the cylinders. During this process, the air can get very hot — often up to several.

    Intercooler leak symptoms diesel

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    2016. 7. 5. · Seadoo 300hp Intercooler 276000335. Buy Now. If you need advice or suspect your intercooler failed please get in touch which can be found on our contact us page.. We can pressure test your old intercooler if you send it to us.